Obviously we adore those macaroni necklace. And, who wouldn’t need another mug?
Cheerios and syrup for breakfast? In bed? Bring it on!

Moms really cherish everything those sticky hands make for Mother’s Day.

In any case let’s be realistic here. Here’s what we truly need for Mother’s Day?

We need to make tracks in the opposite direction from you. Every one of you.

“I simple. 60 minutes alone will do the trick. Simply an hour to rest in. That is the thing that I need,”

This isn’t a motion for a white tea pedicure or ocean -clean facial. Not a ladies’ night out with margaritas. Not even a shopping spree.

Just. Some. Peace and Quiet.

It’s a sweet thought, this Mother’s Day thing. Why not set aside one day to praise the person who conceived and watch over us?

It’s simply the execution that is all screwed up. Take, the Mother’s Day breakfast myth.

Gracious, I’ve done these. In the early years, I wound up outside, strolling and bouncing my daughter here and there down the walkway outside the fancy cafe. He erled on my nice shirt and sucked on my macaroni necklace while whatever remains of the family stayed at the table, appreciating their meals.

“The thing I despise most for Mother’s Day is going out to eat, Mother’s Day is straight up there with Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve — days I dodge going out if I can help it, on those particular days most dine-in places are busy and the wait time is ridiculous”

What about a surprise night out at a restruant in the middle of the week without the kids? Spare me from only one night of supper/dishes/and bath time.

On that night, you imagine I’m out for a top secret meeting and you deal with things at home.

Only thing is there is no meeting. Table for one, please.